Rubber Snow Chain for Cars
Rubber snow chain is a safety device for cars on snow and ice covered road. As a perfect temporary winter aid for passenger vehicles,it is made of high strength rubber in a rationalized net pattern structure.
Rubber Snow Chain for Cars
Product outline:

As a perfect temporary winter aid for passenger vehicles,rubber snow chain is the safety weapon for cars on snow and ice road. The rubber snow chain is manufactured by the advanced production line that was introduced from famous manufacturer at abroad. It is made of high strength rubber with rationalized net pattern structure and with the following features:

Safety Approval: This product has got the safety verification of the Authentication Section of China Motor-vehicles Examination Center with approval No.93031.
Installation illustraive map:

There are 40 types and more than 80 sizes of rubber snow chains in our comprehensive product range, and we can also supply the rubber snow chain according to your drawings and samples, OEM order will be welcomed.

Installation map
Product Package:

External packing: Type A / Type B / Type C 358×246×340mm color carton Type           D/ Type E / Type F 408×246×340mm color carton
Inner packing: PVC plastic bag
Quantity: 2 pieces / set 1 set /carton

Weight Type A Type B Type C Type D Type E
Net weight 6-7.kgs 7-8.kgs 8-9.kgs 8-9.kgs 9-10.kgs
Gross weight 7-8.kgs 8-9.kgs 9-10.kgs 9-10.kgs 11-12.kgs

Rubber Snow Chain for Cars:
Product outline
Installation & Package

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