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PHE Gaskets

Lianyi Rubber has more than 20 years of experience as a major manufacturer of high-performance PHE gaskets for all plate heat exchangers. With one of the largest curing presses in China featuring a platen size of 4500mm by 1700mm we operate 36 sets of facilities producing 1.5 million gaskets annually from 0.01 to 4 sqm for any types, makes and models of plate heat exchangers. With the backing of the years' experience of designing and manufacturing to OEM and aftermarket business Lianyi Rubber have grown into a leading supplier for more than 40 plate heat exchanger manufacturers at home and abroad.

Our experts offer unsurpassed compound capability and can work out suitable polymers according to your request or the working environment. Each batch of compound is tested by our company laboratory for accurate properties prior manufacturing. All gaskets moulds and tools are created within our own engineering department, exact dimensions are strictly adhered when the moulds are manufactured by our computerized machining centers.
Our mission is to make a critical and effective contribution to the efficiency, performance and reliability for our customers' PHE Sealing.

PHE GASKETS The gasketed plate heat exchanger is widely recognized today as the most economical and energy...
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